About Ma Durga Yoga

We believe that yoga offers many benefits for our modern lives

Whether it is physical benefits of strength and flexibility or support with mental well-being like self-awareness, mindfulness and meditation. Yoga has you covered.

Move and live well

Gain calm and peace

Make choices that benefit YOU

Yoga for All Ages:
From Toddlers to Teens and Beyond

We offer a wide range of fun yoga classes suitable for anyone aged 3 to 99. The experience of yoga lies in the adventure of its diverse range. Every class is like a tower, built on the foundations of strengthening through poses (asana practice), breathing techniques (pranayama), leading to the exploration of self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-care. Discover what our classes are all about, but mostly, come along to find out for yourself!

Parent & Child Yoga

Suitable for children aged between 3-5 and their parent or carer. Playful classes with songs, games and yoga animals as well as rest and breathing fun.

Children & Teen Yoga

Children between 3-18 who are in participating nurseries, schools, clubs or find us at special events. The structure varies with age groups.

Adult Yoga

Hatha Yoga courses that run in sync with Suffolk school terms. Each half term follows its own theme or topic. Students input welcomed.

Family Yoga

Inviting all families (children aged 5+) and home-ed groups. These classes are usually individually themed.

Trapeze Yoga

The Yoga Trapeze is essentially an inversion sling that allows individuals to practice yoga poses with the support of a suspended fabric.

Your setting

Suitable from children’s nurseries to nursing homes, schools or other educational institutions. Also suitable for festivals and other events that might like to offer a course of yoga.

Private Lessons

For individuals who feel more comfortable in a 1-to-1 setting or like to work on particular aspects of their well-being.


Even though breathwork will be incorporated in almost all individual yoga classes, it can also be accessed as a standalone practice. It is offered in courses or private sessions.

The Schedule Shows our Current Collection of Inspiring Courses and Classes!