About Ma Durga Yoga

We believe that yoga offers many benefits for our modern lives

Whether it is physical benefits of strength and flexibility or support with mental well-being like self-awareness, mindfulness and meditation. Yoga has you covered.

Move and live well

Gain calm and peace

Make choices that benefit YOU

Clarifying the Intention of Our Journey

What is the name Ma Durga all about?

Yoga is more than just a fitness regime; it is an extensive field that has proven effective even in the modern world. To maintain a connection to its Indian roots, the goddess Durga was chosen for reasons elaborated further in the following section. In Indian culture, “Ma” represents a loving and respectful gesture. With love and reverence, Ma Durga Yoga aims to honor and pass on the knowledge attained from fellow teachers, books, and personal exploration. Thus, Ma Durga Yoga aims to paying tribute to yoga’s ancestral Roots.

Godess Durga

Goddess Durga, symbolizing strength and resilience, can inspire us to face modern challenges with courage and determination. Embrace her qualities of empowerment, balance, and fearlessness in navigating the complexities of contemporary life.

Durga's Story

Mounted on a lion, a symbol of power, Durga rode into battle with her ten arms, each carrying a weapon gifted by various gods. Despite Mahishasura’s initial proposal of marriage, Durga revealed her true form and engaged in a grueling nine-day battle with the demon.

Ultimately, Durga emerged victorious, slaying Mahishasura in a triumph of good over evil.

Durga's Qualities

Goddess Durga’s tale isn’t just about defeating a demon physically, it represents the victory of what is right, the potency of feminine energy, and the significance of balance and harmony in the universe. Durga’s triumph reminds us that, even when we encounter seemingly impossible challenges, good can prevail through strength, bravery, and divine intervention.

Implications Today

Taking inspiration from her skills of wielding many weapons to overcome evil. We like to think that yoga can provide some tools to face modern day challenges. By practicing yoga we might find our own skills and ‘weapons’ to develop and lead more rewarding lives.

Meet the Team

Melanie Sharman

Yoga Teacher & Breath Coach

My Yoga Teacher Journey

For more than two decades, I have practiced various styles of yoga. Initially, it was my children’s interest in practicing yoga with me that inspired me to enrol in a teacher training program catering for toddlers. Since then, I have embarked on an ongoing journey of teacher trainings, driven by my passion for teaching, learning and promoting personal growth.

Through my studies, I have delved deep into areas such as mindfulness, anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy and breathwork while integrating traditional knowledge with modern research. As a yoga enthusiast with a scientific interest, I strive to create classes that are both enjoyable and educational. To offer a comprehensive and holistic experience, I strive to collaborate with other wellness professionals and yoga teachers.

In my classes, I offer a variety of styles to explore and enjoy your personal journey of movement, mental activity and relaxation. With this approach, I aim to inspire and encourage my students to continue on their own yoga journey towards self-discovery, growth, strength, calm, flexibility and well-being.

Some Things You Can Do for Your Well-being

Crafting a welcoming home environment where everyone feels valued and cherished.

Generating a wealth of novel experiences to stimulate the mind and the senses.

Rely on your intuition, life experiences, and inner wisdom to build a strong foundation of trust within yourself. Once established you can then be extended it to family and friends.

No matter how old you are, it’s important to find something that brings you joy and allows you to shine. Keep your curiosity alive and continue exploring new things.

It’s goodto keep your life and values in mind while pursuing your vision, regardless of the project you’re working on.

Anticipate and Appreciate Life, whether it’s spending time with loved ones or experiencing the great outdoors. Strive for something to look forward to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Flexibility is very personal and you might change your perception of flexibility after a few explorational classes.

You will be invited to share any concerns with your teacher who will point out variations that will help with your situation. However, yoga promotes self-responsibility and we ask that you use your judgment. When some movement does not feel right, simply rest or change to a previous movement that felt right.

Yoga is and experience and 2 students can enjoy the same class, but leave with totally opposing opinions about it. Try for yourself, discuss your expectations with your teacher and observe what happens.

Sure! There is no need for you to join the yoga poses if that doesn't work for you. You and your child will still have a shared experience together.

Melanie's Story

I was lucky enough to have had a wonderful baby yoga teacher George (Georgia Head of Birthlight, Bury St. Edmunds) in our local children’s centre (Eye, Suffolk) and I enjoyed her classes with both of my little ones. I could experience how we engaged with one another in class through song and had a brief moment of calm at the end of each lesson. A class format that I was familiar with from my own adult classes.

Whilst my 2 children are now in primary school, I see how much screen time they crave and how their interests are changing towards gaming and being entertained by devices. They also spend 6 hours a day in school and the time spent sitting down will only increase year on year. Not to mention increasing peer pressure, self-consciousness and insecurities. I was wondering how I could bring more balance to children’s lives and really plant a seed that supports and nurtures their development in our frantic world.

Being a keen yoga practitioner for more than 20 years, I qualified as a Toddler & Pre-School Yoga Teacher with Amy Yoga in 2021. I’ve been teaching this age group since January 2022 and have enjoyed every moment of it! It is beautiful to witness how the young ones explore their bodies with the assistance of their parent or carer or through the encouragement of their peers in nursery/pre-school settings. It has taken one teaching lesson, that I realised I’d like to open up my teaching skills to children of all ages, including teenagers.

I’m completing a teaching yoga to children & teens course in May 2022 and a teaching yoga to adults course in February 2023. Both are with the British Wheel of Yoga as I find their recognition within the UK educational sector is unique and their approach to embracing all traditions and facets of yoga the right fit for me.

I found in Amy (Amy Yoga), Christiane Kerr (calm for kids), Kari Knight (yoga for people living with cancer) and Elaine Fletcher (decades of experience teaching yoga, teaching yoga teachers and raising spinal movement awareness) amazing resources of knowledge, compassion and support.

The children and adults I have encountered in my classes this far, give me the confidence and confirmation that I am following my calling! My own family & friends are also a huge support of my work, studies and wider interest i.e. child psychology which I’m studying in my own time to support my teaching. I hope that your children will find value in my teaching and that it may help them through the pre-school years all the way through to high school and beyond. Always carrying that light of yoga and being able to shine it where they need it. Let it be in their physical bodies, their mind to calm their thoughts, to gain clarity or to regulate their emotions.